Those who have never experienced the feeling of addiction will never understand the trauma related to it. “Leaving the horrible path for good is far more difficult than going down it.” explains Lyubov Gorelik MD.

One who had not been through with the experience of addiction will never be able to realize the traumatic experience addicts undergo when they try to leave the addiction behind. “The fact remains that it is not possible to realize what another person has experienced unless he or she steps into the shoes of that person.” says Lyubov Gorelik MD

Addiction recovery is perhaps the most difficult process related to recovery of physical and mental health of any person. Physical and emotional pains that usually accompany addiction recovery are huge and not all can withstand such traumatic experiences. “For instance when someone is drug or alcohol addicted, the body gets systematized to it and discontinuance of drug or alcohol intake could result in symptoms causing pain and irritations.” says Lyubov Gorelik.